Western Australia CPD

The Department of Commerce requires every person who holds a current real estate certificate or license to attend ongoing learning every year to remain current in knowledge and skill that ultimately provides consumer protection and a consistently high standard of service for the buying, selling and leasing public.

We develop elective CPD learning each year

We deliver our content online and in the classroom and provide attendance certificates

We assess your work and provide student help and update your training attendance records online

We provide you with evidence to show the Department of Commerce when renewing your registration

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1. Work in the WA Real Estate Industry
Estimated duration: 3 hours 30 minutes (3.5 points)

2. Minimise agency and consumer risk in WA
Estimated duration: 3 hours 30 minutes (3.5 points)

What is required

10 points of continued professional development is required each year. 3 points mandatory education covering industry content and assessment provided by the department of commerce 7 points elective education covering general real estate knowledge and skills used in the field

How do I obtain CPD points

Harcourts Academy can provide 7 elective points. The 3 mandatory points must be obtained through a Department of Commerce approved provider.

Elective Points

7 Elective Points
7 Elective Points
7 Elective Points
Harcourts Annual Team Conference

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Visit Harcourts One and look for CPD training in the Event Calendar. (Our annual classroom training calendars are online)


Gain all your elective CPD points online. Two 3.5 point workshops are available for $60 (inc. GST) each. To begin contact your local Academy


Register for conference via www.harcourtsevents.com.

Where and when


Mandatory activity workshops are held throughout the year and can be found at the Department of Commerce website The Department of Commerce will fund the required Mandatory training for each agent


  1. Harcourts conference
  2. Harcourts Academy training workshops run from Academy training rooms
  3. Harcourts Academy online workshops

Support behind you

  • Contact your local Academy for information, assistance and advice
  • Use the Academy helpdesk during self-paced learning online
  • To access your classroom training records go to Harcourts One > Search Directory > (your name) > Training Attended.
  • A certificate of completion is available in the online CPD workshops once you have completed the workshop.